[ Literatus ] Ignominy | Shafey Anwarul Haque


Excruciating rays of the sun
Burns him everyday
Not by incalescence but penitence
Under the open sky
With the open book in his hand
He finds himself deep into the abyss
Of repentance and rue
Walls of guilt rearing around
Abashed soul, wailing eyes, laden heart
But hardly he discover
A defender or saviour
But rays imprecates him
Angel of death swipes
Everyday and everytime.

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Shafey Anwarul Haque

Freelancer, Poet and Orator at New Delhi
Shafey Anwarul Haque studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Aligarh Muslim University. He has been an outstanding debator and orator during his campus days and had brought laurels to his alma-mater. He had served University Literary Club (AMU) as Secretary.

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