About Awaam India

Philosophers have sought to interpret the world; what matters is to change it. 

-Karl Heinrich Marx 

Awaam is the plural of Hindustani word Aam which finds its roots in Urdu and has meanings such as Common Man, Public, General Populace etc. Hindi equivalents for the word Aam may be Jan-Saamaaney (जन-सामान्य) or Janta (जनता).

Established on 15th of August 2015 by some students of Aligarh Muslim University, Awaam.Net is an attempt to share constructive and progressive thoughts emanating from the minds of public for the betterment of public. Public, here, includes citizens, students, journalists, academicians, thinkers, commentrators etc. who are, first, the members of largest organisation known as ‘society’. These members, therefore, owe much to make their home (i.e. society) a progressive, calm, and harmonious abode.

Let us interpret in a way that may change us.


  • J P Sundharam

    A wonderful article and worth a read.
    Will not be liked or even appreciated by the RSS/ Hindutva bhakts as it paints their version and understanding of Hindustan in poor light.

  • Heraclitus kapila

    A totally visceral article that shows disregard for materlity of history. Sure there was no India, but that is alinguistic argument. The claim is that there was a commonality in the Indian tradition, the commonality of language, metaphysics, epistemology , science and culture in general. That indian mathematics emerged form its study of being which is totally different from the Abeahamics and far more detailed then the philosophy of the Greeks. For instance the love of plurality and debate and the logic that there are six valid postulates for knowledge and that ontology is connected to sciece. The Zero and decimal systems originated fro the thinking of nothingness and infinity. None of this exists in the west. The point of difference is the dogmatism and exclusivism of the west as opposed to open thinking in India.Zero emerges from sunyata, a philosophical construct. This is what unites India,i.e. culture, so please forgive me, Dr. Habis you are A PRISONER of British empericism, Thiis is sophistry at work