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The current government at the Centre boasting of having at the helm a big number of innovative and learned politicians  should come up with a path breaking idea of “disinvestment” in judiciary to usher in a new era of ease of doing business.

It would be meant for all, any body can avail their services like poor people avail health services in some of the top hospitals like Apollo, Medanta etc. The breakaway courts meant for hassle-free delivery of judgement can be acquired and run by any law abiding corporate citizen/ organisation like Adani Group, Ambani Group and so on.

It will be functioning like any public holding company unlike it happens in the case of democracy where people are its stakeholders without paying even a single penny directly. It would facilitate economic growth and development as the whole idea revolves around it and taking our economy thousands, not just a few steps, ahead of all the contemporary economies.

See, our law abiding citizens like Salman Khan, Jagdish Tytler, Narendra Modi and so on have to waste their precious time in court proceedings which takes years, and sometimes decades, to get themselves acquitted of all charges which ultimately make huge loss to these “dignitaries” in particular and Indian economy in general.

It would not be anti-poor, any one can go to the court provided they can afford Ramjethmalani, KTS Tulsi, Majid Memon etc. To bring in more efficiency and competition, the government should make it open to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) so that “world-class” investment can ensure “world-class” and “bullet” judgements.


Mazid Khan holds Masters in Business Administration from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Views expressed by the author in this criticism are personal.

Photo Base: tribune.com.pk

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