Habibian’s Society organizes a workshop on ‘Interview’

Momin Ali | February 19, 2017

Saad Hameed, TPO (General) in the workshop

Habibian Society of Mohammad Habib Hall, Aligarh Muslim University organized a university level workshop on “How to Face an Interview” followed by a Mock Test.

Mr. Saad Hameed, Training & Placement Office (General), AMU, conducted the workshop. He discussed the major aspects of appearing in an interview. His main focus was on body language, voice modulation, how to make greeting, what to say and how to say. .

He further discussed what the possible questions an interviewer may ask. He emphasised students about secondary questions like “Why do you want this job?, What will you give to our company after your selection? Do you have any weaknesses?

More than one hundred students participated in the workshop from various halls of the university. .

Mohammad Salman, President, Habibian’s Society; Waqar Ahmad, Hall Monitor, M.H. Hall were present on the occasion. Asif, Adeeb, Zafar Mustafa, Danish Sagheer, Raavi, Naved, Jawwad and Altaf were the organizers of the program.

Professor Suhail Sabir, Provost, Mohammad Habib Hall, and Dr Javed Khan graced the occasion as guests. .

Mohd Shafaq, Organizing Secretary conducted the program.

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20/02/2017 20:54

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