[Watch] Unsung Heros: AMU is not complete without them.


In management and organisation theory, there are Line and Staff agencies that are pivotal to any organisation’s structural and functional aspects. Beside these agencies, there are some that are called ‘House Keeping’ agencies. House keeping agencies or agents do tiny but important works to keep organisation alive.

Similarly, in biological sciences, there is a concept of House-Keeping Genes.

In the video below that is going viral on social media, an attempt has been made to showcase the contribution of people who are essential part of university life, be it AMU, BHU or JNU. These people are house-keeping agents; albeit not in strict theoretical sense.

The video directed by Mohd. Sahriq Khan and Fauzan Arshad of AMU captures the picturesque from in and around the AMU campus showcasing those people who are essential part of university life of students.

Copyrights: Department of Mass Comm, AMU and authors of the video.

Note: Awaam India is sharing the video for non-profit purpose.

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    The directions of this documentary are beautiful! Well done Md Arsdhad bhai and Fauzan Bhai. Hope to see u keeping it up again inshallah-o-taalah

  • Mohd Azhar

    Grt Documentry

  • Md jamal khan

    Become nostalgic after watching this video

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