This is CEC, the Cultural Hub of the AMU

By Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Passing through the gallery of Museology Department, you cross a classical iron gate and stop for a while. Few seconds and your eyesight take a glance of Musa Dakri Museum making you fresh about the history and science. To your right, is a fountain, choked in dust with no water. Students with a guitar can be seen here lying and discussing sweet notes. Few would be busy in singing and disparaging each other.

AMU Literary Festival 2017

The boundary of the fountain is occupied by these interdisciplinary young minds of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Dialogues and discourses, funny puns and many more things are to be judged because few meters ahead are the students of AMU Drama Club preparing for their acts. Another gallery comes in ahead and you go in straight direction. Here is the access to the world of Cultural Education Center (CEC), the cultural hub of AMU. Formerly, it was known as the General Education Centre or the GEC.

Taking Minute Notes: Students at Music Club

This is a limited introduction to CEC where you can imagine of the unlimited mixture of talent and fun. CEC is a place which provides students, the means to know and explore themselves despite the scarcity of resources. Built within a radius of 500 metres, CEC encompasses ten vibrant cultural clubs active 5 hours a day in the evening.

A Three Day International Conference on Theatre

Each club has its own functionary and convener from among the students. The clubs are given permanent mentors every year from various departments with a post of President. These Presidents are generally faculty members of AMU. Activities of various clubs are carried on a regular basis under the mentorship of respective Presidents.

News Laundry Speak Out at CEC

For instance, current president of University Literary and Debating Club (UDLC), Dr Mohammed Mohibul Haq, is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science of AMU.

The whole structure is supervised by the Coordinator of the CEC.

Rana Ayyub at the Lit Fest 2016

The Clubs of the CEC

There are following clubs in the CEC:

Club For Short-Evening Courses

Drama Club

Folk and Traditional Music Section

Film Club

Fine Arts Club

Fusion Music Club

Hindustani Music Club

Hobbies Workshop

Debating and Literary Club

Western Music Club

Naseeruddin Shah Speaking to the aundience

Secretary & Students’ Convener 2017-2018

Every year on the basis of eligibility, interviews are held for various General Posts of CEC. The posts are then allotted to the students found eligible in the interviews. The interviews are conducted for all General Posts followed by the posts of Club Functionaries and Student Conveners.

Given below is the list of the posts awarded for the session 2017-18.

General Portfolios

Mr Mir Akhtar Husain

Secretary-General: Coordination Committee

Mr Rubal Prakash

Student Convener: All Music Clubs 

Mr Rao Abdul Samad Khan

General Secretary: Proctorial Assistance 

Mr Adbullah Bin Fazal

General Secretary: Grievance & Internal Complaints Committee

Mr Mohd Sarim Ashrafi

General Secretary: Public Relations (PR)

Mr Umair Iftikhar

General Secretary: Resource Management Committee 

Mr. Mohd Rafay

Assistant Secretary: PR, Web and Media  

Ankit Malik in Karbal Katha      

Club Functionaries

Mr. Furqan Ahmad

Club for Short Evening Courses

Mr. S. Jafar Hasnain

Drama Club

Mr. Asif Akhlaq

Debating and Literary Club

Mr. Azam Ali Khan

Film Club

Ms. Afreen Khan

Fine Art Club

Mr. Haider Saiphullah

Folk and Traditional Music Section

Mr. Md. Mehboob Alam

Fusion Music Club

Mr. Mohd Alqamar

Hindustani Music Club

Mr. Basil Hanafi

Hobbies Workshop

Mr. Amaan Ali Shah

Western Music Club

Prof. Siraj Ajmali

Co-conveners of the Club

Mr. Md. Talha Tariq

Club for Short Evening Courses  

Mr. S. Viquar Husain

Eco Club

Mr. S. Fahad Abdullah

Film Club

Mr. Syed Mohd. Sohaib

Fine Art Club

The Cultural Education Centre is dedicated to serving the development and enhancement of cultural and educational activities within the campus and in reach of the community. It is fully interdisciplinary in scope. The utility is maximal for hundreds of students taking part in this world of AMU.

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Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri is pursuing Economics Honors at Faculty of Social Sciences, AMU Aligarh. He is among the senior members of University Literary Club, AMU. He is Assistant Secretary, PR, Web and Media at the CEC.

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