AMU: The Wire’s journalists deliver a talk in CEC

A brainstorming session on the topic Media, Democracy and Ways of Story Telling was organised by the Club for Short Evening Courses (CSEC) of Cultural Education Centre (CEC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The Guests of the evening were Krishna Kant, a senior correspondent at The Wire and Aliza Bakht, who works as a freelancer.

The event took place at CEC smart classroom, where students from multiple disciplines showed interest and gathered in numbers. The focus of the evening were developments around us taking place through journalism and its unique way of narration. Both the speakers threw light on the recent controversy of Taj Mahal, which has been taken up to wash out the report on business dealings of BJP’s president son Jay Shah.

“A journalist, true by nature cannot indulge in writing fake stories”, said Mr Kant highlighting the impact that media does to people around us. He also told how the government has found itself unsuccessful in providing employment, degrading GDP to 5.7 from the proposed target of 7.5 marks.

Aliza Bakht quoted some experiences of her personal life with journalism. “It’s always difficult to cope up with the daily stresses in media life but later we learn to work”, she said. It’s however interesting to mix literature and art in journalism, she further added.

The session ended with Q&A’s from the audience. Tarushika Sarvesh, Asst. professor at Centre for Women’s Studies (AMU) and president of CSEC proposed the vote of thanks to the audience.



Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri is pursuing Economics Honors at Faculty of Social Sciences, AMU Aligarh. He is among the senior members of University Literary Club, AMU. He is Assistant Secretary, PR, Web and Media at the CEC.

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