Month-long Study Abroad Mentorship program concludes at AMU

Afreen Fatima | December 02, 2016

The fourth and final day of the ‘Mentorship Program to Study Abroad’ organized by Club for Short Evening Course (CSEC) started with great enthusiasm at the Kennedy Auditorium, Aligarh Muslim University. The mentor as well as audience were really excited for this workshop.

Students on final day of month long program | Photo: Afreen Fatima

Theme for the last workshop was to inform about importance of internships and community service, experience for admission and scholarships. Adil Parvez, student of commerce department and host, welcomed the audience and invited Zulfiqar Sheth, a Research Scholar of Department of Economics, AMU and mentor of the program, to start with the workshop.

Zulfiqar Sheth addressing students at AMU | Photo: Afreen Fatima

Sheth commenced by narrating a few motivational stories that would encourage the students to ‘think out of the box’. He went on explaining the format of the Graduate Record Examination and what all are important things to be kept in mind before appearing for the exam and which books and sites to consult. Zulfiqar Sheth then took a feedback cum queries break. Where he resolved grievances of students for applying into colleges abroad.

The packaging is not as important as the content, said Zulfiqar Sheth

Sheth then started with the main theme for the day, he explained in detail of various ways get into community services and internships and how they are beneficial for getting scholarship. He emphasized, ‘You need to do something that will make you better than the rest.’ Participating in community services not just help to enhance resume but also allow to obtain work-related skills prior to graduation, build good reference for employers in regards to community involvement.

Sheth in an interactive exercise told, ‘the outer covering or the packaging is not as important as what is inside.’ He ended the workshop by encouraging students to face their fears and work towards their dream.

Student listening attentively to the speaker | Photo: Afreen Fatima

Shamaila Fatima, Co-host of the event and student of Science faculty introduced the Chief Guest, Prof. Romana N. Siddique, Provost Abdullah Hall and professor of Psychology at Women’s College, AMU and The Guest of Honor, Prof. F.S. Sherani, Co-ordinator Cultural Educational Centre (CEC).

Photo | by Afreen Fatima

Sheth thanked the students for participating and congratulated everyone for the success of the program. Shamaila then thanked Prof. Romana Siddique for gracing the event with her presence and called her to address the gathering. Dr. Siddique praised Zulfiqar Sheth and promoted organization of such events in future. She was then asked to felicitate the students of Public Relations and Media Team, Organizing committee and the volunteers.

Students in standing ovation to Sheth | Photo: Afreen Fatima

The event ended with vote of thanks proposed by Prof. Parvaiz Talib, President, Club for Short Evening Course.

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03/12/2016 22:09

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