‘Team Spirit’ at Work is the Spirit of Success: Arvind Subramanian

Mohammad Rafay Qadri | April 06, 2017

“I need to be careful, the students here are pretty update”, said Dr Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) to the Government of India (GOI), as the student from audience answered him for a question on the first historic presentation of Economic Survey in Indian Parliament.
Courteous Gestures: Dr. Arvind being welcomed by Prof. Nighat Ahmad, Chairperson, Deptt. of Economics, AMU  | Danish Malik for Awaam India
Dr Arvind Subramanian delivered a lecture on “Indian Economy- Key issues and challenges” at University Polytechnic Auditorium, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). The lecture was a part of the “Economic Survey Outreach Program” of the Office of CEA, Ministry of Finance. This year AMU got an opportunity to host the program. The lecture was organised by Department of Economics, Aligarh Muslim University in collaboration with Club For Short Evening Courses, Cultural Education Centre (CEC), Aligarh Muslim University.
Reaching Directly: Dr. Arvind speaking on the occasion | Danish Malik for Awaam India
While addressing the students, Dr Subramanian highlighted the importance of being a Chief Economic Advisor and the key challenges one has to face during the job. He further added that there were lots of hurdles in the work and therefore each and every member of our team worked seriously. Referring to the topic, he said, ‘it is also important to discuss how the work is done and what art of planning is used’.
Delving Deep: Audience on the occasion has students, teachers and activists | Danish Malik for Awaam India
Speaking on the hierarchy system in the government offices, Dr Subramanain pointed out that there is a flat hierarchy in his office, profitable to open discussions with the team members.“We work as a team.Values are given both to work and the person engaged in work”, said Zubair Naqvi, a team member of CEA and an official of Indian Economic Service (IES). He further briefed about the process of work in the office of CEA and how all the team members are allowed to express their views with freedom and satisfaction.
Words do Matter: Audience listening to Dr. Arvind | Danish Malik for Awaam India
The lecture also focused on the changes brought to the Indian Economic Survey by his team, which include converting the Annual Economic Survey Report into three volumes consisting of data, background portions and analysis. The main feature of this year Economic Survey was the addition of “Big Data” and satellite verified project reports. He also told the reality of non-Tax Payers in the country, leakage of income from Indian Economy etc. Alone Jaipur can earn tax twenty times more than the current earnings reveal the satellite data images in the Indian economic Survey, added Dr Subramanian.
Please Take Note: Student asking question in question-answer session  | Danish Malik for Awaam India
Students with great zeal came forward to question Dr Subramanian during the interactive session. There were several questions on quantitative and qualitative analysis of Indian Economy, GST, perfect competition, demonetization and other topics including the personal suggestions of the young minds to Dr Subramanian.
Economy concerns All: A divyang member in conversation with Dr. Arvind | Danish Malik for Awaam India
On demonetization, Dr Subramanian stated it a political step with benefits in the long run. He also expressed gratitude for a Blind Teacher, who suggested him to ask the government to install Braille Features in the new Currency, as early as possible. He added that another achievement of his team was getting the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill passed in the Parliament. He also mocked people in the bureaucracy who accused him of being a mentally Non-Indian. Presenting the proof of his Indian hood and nationalism, he described the work done by his team to prepare the report on Pulses in India to which names he was totally unaware but managed to learn different pulses name, quality and quantity within a month. He added that as a part of the Ministry of Finance, a Chief Economic Advisor has more freedom to say things, which some other people may not have.
What-Why-How: Students in dialogue with the CEA | Danish Malik for Awaam India
The lecture began with the Qirat (recitation of the verses of Holy Quran) by Jamil Hussain, AMU student as per the traditions of the university. Nighat Ahmad, chairperson Department of Economics, AMU declared the lecture opened. She was greatly pleased to welcome Dr Arvind Subramanian, CEA along his wife Mrs. Parul Subramanian. The lecture was presided over by Lt. Gen. (retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah, Vice Chancellor (VC), AMU and guest of honour Syed Ahmad Ali Brigadier (Retired), Pro Vice Chancellor, AMU.
Lest We Forget: Organising crew posing with the CEA | Danish Malik for Awaam India
Mohd Umair Khan, a final year student of department of economics, AMU presented the report on Aligarh Economics Society. “It has been a year now, we have covered various interesting topics, in the Group Discussions organised by Aligarh Economics Society and our efforts are to make it more active”, said Sheth Zulfiqar, convener of the programme.
In Cradle of History: Dr. Arvind and members of organising crew at historic Strechy Hall, AMU | Danish Malik for Awaam India
While presiding over the function, AMU Vice Chancellor, Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (Veteran) informed that he was going to meet the Human Resource Development Minister, Mr Prakash Javadekar on the issue of increasing funds for Aligarh Muslim University. General Shah added that he would like Dr Subramanain to help AMU get more funds. General Shah, who was attending the lecture left for Delhi after his address.
On Lighter Note: Students taking selfies with the CEA | Danish Malik for Awaam India
Before leaving the venue, the Vice Chancellor felicitated Dr Subramanian with a memento. Professor Ashok Mittal put forward the vote of thanks, while Mr Zulfikhar Seth convener of the program asked volunteers to perform ‘University Tarana’. The program ended with the recitation of the National Anthem.

Steering and Speaking: Zulfiqar Sheth convened and conduted the program | Danish Malik for Awaam India
Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri is pursuing Economics Honors at Faculty of Social Sciences, AMU Aligarh. He is among the senior members of University Literary Club, AMU. He is Assistant Secretary, PR, Web and Media at the CEC.

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