AMU Geology Honors girls write Open Letter to the Vice-Chancellor on institutional apathy

On prolonged institutional apathy, Geology Honors girls of Women’s College of AMU have written an open letter to the Vice-Chancellor complaining about reluctance on the part of authorities at faculty level. Letter thus reads:


The Vice Chancellor
Aligarh Muslim University


We are students of Geology Honors at Women’s College, AMU and are writing to tell you about how our dreams are being shattered into pieces.

About one and a half year back we got admission in this prestigious university. We were told, ‘Department of Geology of AMU is the best in the whole country. It is one of the most performing institutions of AMU and has produced a large number of geologists of the country. It has nurtured the best geologists of the world. We entered this institution and had dreams to be nurtured in the same way as our seniors have been and dreamt of being the topmost geologists of the India.

We embarked upon this exciting journey of three years and as the plane took off we met finest teachers who would come especially from the main department to teach us at Women’s College. At times, we also used to visit the department for our laboratory work. And this is how the first year of the journey was completed.

The second year of the journey started smoothly and we were enjoying it but all of a sudden the plane got astray midway somewhere in September, 2016. We were told that our previous teachers would not teach us. Neither, we would be allowed to visit the department for our laboratory work. We were forced to be taught by one guest faculty only and to complete our laboratory work at Women’s College only. Women’s College does not have adequate lab facilities. Also the teacher who is supposed to teach us has a very little experience as compared to the previous teachers.

Our dreams were shaken but we didn’t lose hope and approached our Principal to find the solution. We still remember the date and day—21 September, 2016 and Wednesday it was. The Principal told us that Chairman, Department of Geology took this decision. We went to the Chairman and the Chairman redirected us to the Principal again and that is how the blame game began and still continues. No one took the responsibility of the matter. We were told by both the authorities that our matter is in consideration by higher authorities. The semester got over and no result was found!!!

New semester has begun; in fact half of this semester has been passed and we are still struggling but no one is giving ear to our voices. The plane is close to crash soon and we feel that there is no way to escape. Our dreams are being shattered into pieces. We are hoping for the miracle to happen and give us the wings to fly again. And we know that only you, being guardian of students, can make our dreams come true once again. And if it happens we promise you that we will fly high and reach the zenith of geological excellence.

Thanking You
Your loving daughters
Geology Honours Students,
Women’s College, AMU

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