[AMU] Day Two of Mentor-ship Program to Study Abroad convenes

Kamran Malik  | November 20, 2016

Club for Short Evening Courses (CSEC) Cultural Education Centre (CEC) Aligarh Muslim University organizes its second day ‘Mentor-ship program to Study Abroad’ on 18th of November at Kennedy Auditorium.

The program embarked with the greeting words of the anchor Adil Parvez. The mentor of the program Zulfiqar Sheth took the podium shortly after. Before starting the lecture the mentor got into an interactive session with the students present there, taking their questions regarding the topics discussed in the previous workshop and asking for a feedback for the same.

Photo | Kamran Malik

The theme of the workshop was, ‘building needful skills to secure admissions and scholarship’ to study abroad. He said, “we need not to follow the social conditioning, we have to be different from others and become the rule maker”.

Photo | Kamran Malik

He explained the techniques of forming the following objectives of how to write:

  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  2. Application/Scholarship essay
  3. CV building
  4. Reference Letter
  5. Cover Letter
Photo | Kamran Malik

Sheth explained the need of learning the correct way to write the above as they play a key role in the process of getting a scholarship and admission into the desired university.

To keep the session interesting he used the platform of Power Point Presentations and videos. The videos displayed interviews of various Professors and Assistant Directors of Admissions belonging to different foreign universities. The motive of the videos was to make the students hear the key points the mentors look for while accepting the application of an applicant.

Photo | Kamran Malik

Furthermore, to motivate the students and to ensure their active participation he called ten students on stage and paired them in two’s. The activity was called “Clay and Artist”. He asked each one of them to be first clay, then artist and then both. The activity was to make the student believe that he is the master of his destiny. Sheth said, “Don’t let anyone make you something you don’t want to be, be your own clay and artist.” He presented another video showing how a person is a victim of the social circumstances and trying to do what others are doing.

The event was brought to closure with another round of Question and Answer.


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