[Theatre] In ‘Zabȃn Darȃz’, pinch of responsibility overcomes perfidiousness of a poet

Zabȃn Darȃz which was presented by Aligarh Muslim University Drama Club under the shed of Kennedy Auditorium, past week is remarkable for its pro-people format. Written and directed by Dr. F. S. Sheerani, the play lights a story of the house where all members are Zabȃn Darȃz (discourteous), in the form of an Urdu Comedy.


The protagonist in the play is a 60-year-old man Mirza, a self-claimed Poet and a Family Kebab Merchant by default.  Every time Mirza finds himself indulged in a sour feud with his wife over fruitless issues. Mirza is fathered by four sons, all following him like his notorious poetry. Being an only breadwinner of the family,  Mirza’s low income in this way bring several economic problems to the house.

One day Mirza’s house is visited by his wife’s old relative, who smells of their low economic condition and offer some money as a help. Mirza’s wife being a noble lady turns down the offer without any regrets. Mirza witness the whole incidence behind the curtain, making him feel guilty of the past manoeuvre.

Finally, Mirza decides to sacrifice his profession of poetry to focus on his family career of “Kebab Merchant”. This brings peace to the family and the play ends victoriously with some tears of happiness in the eyes of Mirza’s wife.

Mirza’s character is beautifully displayed by Talha Thakur and Raziya Khanam supported the character as Mirza’s wife. The play brings forward the reality of the society and ask people to be aware of the pessimism in life.

Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri

Mohammad Rafay Qadri is pursuing Economics Honors at Faculty of Social Sciences, AMU Aligarh. He is among the senior members of University Literary Club, AMU. He is Assistant Secretary, PR, Web and Media at the CEC.