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About Awaam India, its Vision and Mission

Philosophers have sought to interpret the world; what matters is to change it. 
-Karl Heinrich Marx 

Awaam is the plural of Hindustani word Aam which finds its roots in Urdu and has meanings such as Common Man, Public, General Populace etc. Hindi equivalents for the word Aam may be Jan-Saamaaney (जन-सामान्य) or Janta (जनता).

Established on 15th of August 2015 by some students of Aligarh Muslim University, Awaam.Net is an attempt to share constructive and progressive thoughts emanating from the minds of public for the betterment of public. Public, here, includes citizens, students, journalists, academicians, thinkers, commentrators etc. who are, first, the members of largest organisation known as 'society'. These members, therefore, owe much to make their home (i.e. society) a progressive, calm, and harmonious abode.

Society is made up varied groups of people who represents themselves in overlapping fashion of faith, religion, socio-political ideologies, unions, associations, region, race, clans etc. These are generally termed as 'differences' in the society but if we look constructively on this reality, these actually represent 'diversity'. Diversity in habitat or an environment, according to Ecological Sciences, is the most important sources of life and sustainability. Greater the diversity in environment, more is survival and its sustainability.

Every component of society has its own set of norms and conventions which bear both positive and negative interpretations. Negative interpretations tend to corrupt the society in general and 'norms and conventions 'in particular. Ours is the aim to share, support, spread and cultivate positive and progressive interpretations of different components in society. We must be unequivocal to condemn negative and regressive interpretations. Maintaining diversity, we should embark upon establishing a rule of harmony, tolerance, pluralism, reason, scientific temper in our society by shunning all types of orthodoxy, regression, extremism, and shibboleths.

Let us interpret in a way that may change us.
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