AMU: University Hobbies Workshop organised a three day ‘Talento Chase’

Aligarh | March 02, 2017 | Awaam India

The University Hobbies Workshop (AMU) organized a Three Day “Talento Chase”, a series of competitions from 27th February, 2017 to 1st March, 2017 at Women’s College, Abdullah Hall, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
Around 300 students participated in the various competitions from junior as well as senior wings. Day 1: Mehndi design, Card making, Nail art; Day 2: Papercraft workshop, Salad making, Grafitti design, Dress designing; Day3: Powerpoint workshop.

The competitions were divided into two wings (Junior and Senior Wings.). The winners of the Mehndi designing (Senior wing) were 1st prize – Samra Siraj 2nd prize- Asra Naaz 3rd prize- Arzoo Khan while (junior wing) were 1st prize- Rifat Khan, 2nd prize -Zoha Akbar, 3rd prize -Safa Khan, Consolation prize- Irmeen Safdar.
The winners of the Card Making (Junior) were 1st prize -Aliya Zainab and Shafat Afreen, 2nd prize- Safa Khan, 3rd prize -Wania Ali, Consolation prize- Maryam Qureshi while in Senior wing 1st were prize- Neha Tiwari and Riya Tiwari, 2nd prize -Umme Umarah Khan, 3rd prize- Nikita Jain, Consolation prize- Adeeba and Asma Zafar, Special prize- Saman Ansari and Rameeza Salman. The winners of the Nail art were 1st prize -Aiman Bari, 2nd prize- Namrah Khan, 3rd prize -Alfarah sameen, Consolation prize –Ghousia.

The winners of Salad Making (Senior wing) were 1st prize -Nikita Jain, 2nd prize- Aarwah Rehman and Disha Chaudhary, 3rd prize- Neeti Mittal, Shalini Chaudhary and Nishtha Singh, Consolation prize- Tuba rehman & Bushra parveen while (junior wing) 1st prize -Nayla Nafees and Sidra Usman, 2nd prize- Irmeen safdar, Special prize -baby isma and ruksar malik. The winners of the Graffiti
Design were 1st prize -Hira Sahib, 2nd prize- Rifat Khan, 3rd prize -Zainab Chaudhary, Consolation prize -Saiqah Siddiqui. The winners of Dress Designing were 1st prize -Gulfisha Parveen, 2nd prize -Ghania Firoz, 3rd prize -Sidra Rizvi and Maria Parveen. The winners of Dress designing, Consolation prize – Aiman Bari, Special prize – Roqayya Farid and Farha Naaz.

Dr. Waseem Mushtaq, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Fine Arts; Maryam Khatoon, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Agricultural science and Haleema Razaque, Minto Circle were the judges of the event.
Professor FS Sherani, Coordinator, CEC; Professor Roomana N. Siddiqui; Dr Aziz Faisal, President, University Hobbies Workshop; Imran Khan, Organizing Secretary graced the occasion.

“It is an opportunity to explore the hidden creative knowledge of the girls’ students through various practical based activities”, said Momin Ali, Secretary General Public Relations, Cultural Education Centre, while explaining the aim of the competition.
Romana Safdar, Secretary, University Hobbies Workshop, Cultural Education Centre along with her club members worked hard to success the events.
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