AMU organizes a three day International Conference on Theatre

Awaam India | 25 January, 2017

The Cultural Education Centre (CEC) of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in collaboration with the Indian Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) organized the “XIII International Conference of Indian Society for Theatre Research” (The Indian Chapter of International Federation for Theatre Research) on “Travelling Performance and Theater Cultures: Assessing the Praxis, Paradigms and Perspective” in CEC premises. The conference was a three-day affair with the inaugural session held on 23rd January and the valedictory ceremony on 25th January, 2017 in the Kennedy Auditorium, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

Valedictory Session | Photo: Maqbool Akram

This kind of a congregation brought together individuals in the field of theatre from all over the world. The inaugural session commenced with the welcome address and introductory remarks by Prof. F.S.Sherani and Dr. Vibha Sharma of AMU respectively. The guest list made to invite renowned personalities such as Prof. David Whitton of Lancaster University (UK), Prof. Borris Daussa Pastor of Institute de Teater (Spain) and Prof. Dattareya Dutt, who delivered the keynote speech and graced the occasion among other notable people. “The educated class, intellectual class, the politicians need to turn or gaze back at India that we think is almost neglected. The folk artists are the real backbone of Indian culture,” said M.K. Raina from NSD.

Documentary Theatre: Karl Marx in Kalba Devi by Satchit Puranik and Priyanka Charan from Bombay | Photo: Maqbool Akram

The three day international conference was divided into three plenary sessions, nine panels and ten forums. The participants came from all parts of the country as well as abroad.

Apart from the indelible addresses, the assemblage witnessed Chhau performance by Prabhat Mahta & Group from Jharkhand, Documentary Theatre: Karl Marx in Kalba Devi by Satchit Puranik and Priyanka Charan from Bombay, Jatra performance by Dr. Gaurab Ghosh from JNU, Nautanki on Heer-Ranjha by the University Drama Club (UDC) of AMU.

Jatra performance ‘Chand Bibi Ki Katha’ by Dr. Gaurab Ghosh from JNU | Photo: Maqbool Akram

The valedictory ceremony was marked by the concluding speeches of various dignitaries. “If we know how physics operates, we will know how everything operates,” said Prof. Borris while talking about his journey in travelling performances and Margolis method of training in theatre.

Play on ‘Heer-Ranjha’ by UDC, AMU | Photo: Lensation Photography
Background musicians from University Music Club of AMU | Photo: Maqbool Akram

The conference was concluded by final vote of thanks by Dr. Vibha Sharma, Organizing Secretary of the conference.

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