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[AMU] "Newslaundry, Speak Out" held at Aligarh Muslim University

Snowy Rahi | November 11, 2016

Speak Out, an initiative by Newslaundry, took place at the Smart Class Room, Cultural Education Centre (CEC), Aligarh Muslim University. The event was held on November 19, 2016 at 3:30 pm. The program was conducted by News Laundry team.

The event commenced with an introduction given by Amit Bharadwaj a reporter at news laundry. Speak Out is a debate competition, an initiative by news laundry in partnership with Facebook that is travelling to India’s top 20 colleges, spread across 9 cities. The Newslaundry team came to Aligarh to conduct their college audition which is the Level One stage of the competition.

The debate conducted was in a conventional format in which the student had to speak and present their case for 3.30 minutes on a motion of their choice from amongst the ones given by Newslaundry team.

Students in NL-Speak Out | Photo: Snowy Rahi

There were 12 students who participated in the debate. The participation ranged from an undergraduate level to that of Ph.D. The preparation of the participants showed their zeal and enthusiasm. The results of the debate would be announced on November 22nd on Newslaundry’s website. The selected candidates will enter into Level Two, which is the Delhi Finale that will take place on November 26th at NCIU auditorium. Level two will comprise of 30 students who will be selected from the 20 colleges that participated in Level One.

At the end of the session Amit Bharadwaj highlighted some key points about the format of conventional debate and how it should be conducted. He emphasized on the basics, rules and regulations of the debate. A vote of thanks followed his remarks which brought the event to an end. 


Snowy Rahi is a student of Psychology Honours at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Her passions apart from reading and writing include music and travelling. Rahi aspires to be a writer.

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