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[Letter] Thank You Very Much, Dear AMU Administration ! | Snowy Rahi

Dear AMU Administration,

I am writing this letter to thank you. After I put forth my case of monkey menace I had this feeling that may be even this plea of mine would turn into oblivion, unanswered. But I felt a pang of pride of belonging to this institution and my faith in your working was restored by none other than you.

Since the past few weeks the air around Abdullah hall has changed, it smells of safety. Coming back to the hostel I feel contented seeing the bar grills of the windows covered with net to prevent the monkeys from entering within. The monkeys have not been entering the hostel premises since the changes have been made and we finally can leave our doors open for air circulation without the fear of a savage barging in.

Its not just the hostels that have been looked after but the protection of the college area along side with the whole of Abdullah hall have been taken into consideration and preventions have been taken accordingly.

There is a trained languor who takes round throughout the Abdullah campus so as to chase away the monkeys. And to make sure that the languor stays under control its trainer is always walking him by a belt tied to its neck.

This makes walking to the class easier and finally we don’t have to miss our morning classes due to the monkeys invading us while we fight our way to attend the lecture.

I wanted to thank you all for taking such productive action. It will help the students to keep their faith in the working of the administration. Your daughters feel much safer in their home away from home.

Your Daughter
Snowy Rahi


Snowy Rahi is a student of Psychology Honours at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. 
Her passions apart from reading and writing include music and travelling. 
Rahi aspires to be a writer.

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