AMU is our proud national heritage and we shall defend and fight for it | Former Governor

by Aziz Qureshi

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The Blackest spot on the faces of PM Modi Ji and CM Yogi Ji, is the latest aggression of police in AMU campus, which would not be washed away, even, by the Holy Ganga Jal and shall always be a worst entry in their service books as administrators of the governments of India & UP.

I fully agree that if today somebody tries to hang the portrait of Mohd Ali Jinnah in any university, college or at any other public place or institution, he should be hanged on a public square, if the protesters at the Aligarh university demand so, I will be having no objection.

It is irony of fate that people do not know the political history of our country and the past events associated with it. Neither they bother to know it. Some of the persons who are protesting on Jinnah’s portrait at AMU, may very gladly and willingly contribute for the construction of a temple in the name of Nathu Ram Godse and worship him. They may print thousands of his photograph and articles in his praise for assassinating the great Mahatma Gandhi.

One wishes that they should turn the pages of history and peep into India’s history of freedom struggle and the stalwarts who had rendered a worthy contribution in it. To their dismay, frustration, anger and disappointment, they would come to know that Mohd Ali Jinnah was a towering leader of Indian National Congress in freedom struggle and was as important as Jawahar Lal Nehru, Maulana Azad, Sardar Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose, C. Rajgopalachari, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and many like them.

He was the most favourite Shagird i.e Chela (disciple) of no less a person than Gohkley Ji and also worked as his secretary. He was a Congress member of National Assembly ( Parliament ) and his contribution in that capacity shall always remain unforgettable.

He was the light of the sessions of Indian National Congress and his speeches to free the country from the British yoke inspired the entire nation, particularly the youth of undivided India. The record is still available that when Jawaharlal Nehru came to India after completing his studies and joined freedom struggle, it was none else but Mohd Ali Jinnah who organised a meeting of All India Students Congress and introduced Jawahar Lal Nehru to speak in that meeting which he himself presided over.

If CM Yogi Ji and his tribe who are opposing Jinnah’s portrait at AMU are aware of the Home Rule movement or Home Rule league of Annie Besant…..??? To their knowledge let me say that it was a most powerful movement to demand Home Rule for India by Indians from the British empire.

It is said that the historic and momentous agitation that Jinnah organised in Bombay under the Congress banner where Home Rule was demanded was such a great success that it paralysed Bombay administration and people jammed the main highways.

It made the life of British administration miserable and after great difficulty and full use of Army and the police they could stop the demonstration. Mohd Ali Jinnah’s speech was so inspiring to demand freedom that after he was removed by the British authorities from the scene, the people and common man who were gathered there decided then and there that a hall would be constructed in appreciation of the services of Jinnah at the same spot where Home Rule demonstration was organised.

They started collecting money and within hours people donated liberally and within a very short time Jinnah hall was constructed to pay tribute to Mohd Ali Jinnah. That hall/ Jinnah house still stands in Bombay and pay everlasting tribute to the great leader.

Similarly the Bombay high court when celebrated 100 years of its establishment and brought out a souvenir they specially reserved many pages in praise of Mohd Ali Jinnah and his contribution as a Lawyer. Would the protesting fraternity would bother to turn the pages of history…..?

It is customary among all the top universities of the world like Oxford, Cambridge etc etc. that when an eminent person is granted life membership of the universities’ student union, his photograph is hanged in the students union hall etc. it is an age old tradition and if CM Yogi Ji and his other fellow travellers want to remove Jinnah’s portrait, they should bring a law or immediately proclaim an ordinance under which conferring life membership should be banned and abolished and under the same Mohd Ali Jinnah’s portrait may be ordered to remove.

AMU is the blood, breathe, heartbeats, mind and spirit of India’s Muslims in particular and of others in general. It has taught us our history, traditions, ethos, culture and secular religious awakening. I call upon the Muslims and other secular people of India to rise as one individual and defeat the nefarious designs of those black forces who want to do away with AMU and its traditions. Let me tell that till even a one single secular Indian is alive we will oppose it and get them buried beyond resurrection.

AMU is our proud national heritage and we shall defend and fight for it till the last drop of our blood. Hey Comrades! Wait for the call.

Aziz Qureshi has served as the Governor of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Mizoram.

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