[AMU] Orientation Program of Cultural Education Center (CEC) concluded

Kamran Malik  | November 19, 2016

Cultural Education Centre (CEC) of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) organizes its orientation ceremony on 16th of November at Kennedy Auditorium. The objective of the program was to introduce the newly elected Secretaries, Mentors and Presidents of the clubs of CEC.

Cultural Education Centre (CEC) was formerly known as General Education Centre (GEC). This is hub of all co-curricular activities that ensure all-round development of students at AMU.

The event commenced with a brief introduction given by the anchor, Aiman Jafri, about CEC. A welcome note was delivered by her as she highlighted the Clubs which comprises of Film Club, Club for Short Evening Courses (CSEC), University Debating and Literary Club (UDLC), Hindustani, Fusion and Western Music Club, Eco Club, Fine Arts Club, Drama Club and Hobbies Workshop club. She introduced the coordinator of CEC, Prof. F.S.Sherani who then introduced and welcomed the Secretaries, Mentors and Presidents for the session 2016-17. The post holders of the various Clubs are as follows:

Faizan Ilahi, General Secretary, CEC

Usaid Bilal, Proctorial Grievances, CEC

Momin Ali, Public Relations, CEC

University Debating and Literary Club

Mentor – Dr. S. Siraj Ajmali, Associate Professor D/o Urdu

President – Dr. Mohibbul Huq, Associate Professor D/o Political Science

Secretary – Wajahat Monaf Jilani

University Western Music Club

Mentor – Dr. Aminul Islam, Associate Professor D/o Chemistry

President – Architect Faraz Farooq, Assistant Professor D/o Architecture

Secretary – Meer Akhter Hussain

University Fusion Music Club

Mentor – Prof. Abdul Matin ,D/o Social Science.

President – Dr. Sayed Khurram Nisar, Assistant Professor D/o Physical Education

Secretary – Shah Fayez Alam

Members of various clubs | Photo: Kamran Malik

University Hindustani Music Club

Mentor – Prof. Mohd. Aslam, D/o ENT, JNMC

President – Dr. Qurratul Aein Ali, Assistant Professor d/o Social Work

Secretary – Gulrez Hussain Zaidi

University Drama Club

Mentor – Dr. Arman Rasool Faridi D/o Computer Science

President – Dr. Vibha Sharma, Associate Professor, D/o English

Secretary – Talah Abbasi

University Club for Short Evening Courses

President – Prof. Paravaiz Talib D/o Business Administration

Secretary – Faisal Nadeem

University Fine Arts Club

Mentor – Dr. Waseem Mushtaq and Dr. Rehana Khusarao, Assistannt Professor D/o Fine Arts

President – Dr. Abdur Rahman d/o Fine Art

Secretary – Naghma Shamin

University Film Club

Mentor – Prof. Suhail Ahmed Azmi D/o Psychiatry, JNMC

President – Dr. Farooq Ahmad Dar, Assistant Professor D/o Munafeulaza

Secretary – Mohd. Shahvez Ahmad

University Hobbies Workshop Club

President – Dr. Aziz Faisal, Assistant Professor D/o Centre for Women’s Studies

Secretary –Rumana Safdar

University Eco Club

Mentor – Dr. Izharul Haq Farooqi, D/o Civil Engineering

President – Dr. Fasih Raghib Gauhar, Assistant Professor D/o Law

Secretary – Murtuza Hussain

Talking to the audience Dr. Sayed Khurram Nisar, President of Fusion Music Club, said “Gauging a squirrel on its ability to swim – That is how our education system is. In this scenario CEC is giving you a construction out of a deconstruction”.

Wajahat Jilani Secretary – University Debating and Literary Club (UDLC) presented a PowerPoint Presentation telling about UDLC’s aim, objectives and upcoming events. The event came to an end by a vote of thanks given by the anchor.

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