AMU Literary Festival 2017: What You Must Take Note Of !

AMU Literary Festival 2017 is a celebration of literature tinted with highbrow guests adding hues of contemporary politics and journalism. The literary festival of Aligarh Muslim University (A.M.U.) presents its third edition- AMU lit fest 3.0

To be held on the 3rd, 4thand5th of March, 2017 in the Cultural Education Center of A.M.U.

The all-student organizing committee of AMU lit fest 3.0 adds to its eccentric element, making it one of kind literary festival in India.

The young blood organizers of AMU Lit Fest quite deliberately put up this felicitation of literature with an initiative of upholding the ‘art for life sake’ idea of literature, with minimum or no corporate sponsorship.

The rich culture and heritage of Aligarh Muslim University is manifested in the form of engrossing intellectual panels, interviews, reading sessions,etc.

Breaking through the monotony of this otherwise captivating schedule is a cultural event and mushaira.

The erudite guests that the literary festival of AMU invites every year emulate the thought and the idea that goes behind this festival, all of which is manifested in the intense, yet interesting panel discussions, tete-a-tete and traditional language felicitations during the event.

Day 1

The first day is set to begin on a lighter mode with reading, a single panel and a cultural evening at its periphery.


Inaugural ceremony of the AMU Lit Fest.

The dawn of AMU Lit Fest will begin with an inaugural ceremony.

Session 1

Padhant: recitation of modern Urdu poetry by Mr. Saif Mahmood

Holding true to its traditions AMU lit fest 3.0 has managed to keep the language of poetry, Urdu as its front runner.

The poetry reading will be adorned with the words of the revolutionary poet Faiz; the unconventional poet Jaun Elia, the bluestocking poetess Zehra Nigah and other contemporary poets.

Session 2

A one-to-one pally conversation with RJ Naved on the topic:

“Wit and humor as a means of storytelling”

With popular Radio Mirchi Host RJ Naved who has won several accolades like

IRF: Best Sparkler (comedy), NT (National Television Award) for 2G (TV category), Golden Mike RJ of the year Award, Indian Icon Award, etc.

This session aims at educating the students with the art of intelligent comedy.

In today’s world where the young generation face many challenges that fall in their way of emancipating ideas in a beguiling manner and conveying without offence, intelligent comedy becomes an important channel to fulfill this goal. Introducing this very art with his flair in comedy, RJ Naved will grace this session with his presence.

Session 3

Cultural Evening

And finally striking the musical cord to the first day of AMU lit fest, the final session will be resonate in its jingles and joy.

Day 2

Centralized around the theme of having one’s say in the society and making it loud and clear, day 2 of the AMU lit fest has scheduled back-to-back panels towards a pedantic interlocution.

Session 1

Panel Topic: Communal vote banks and the dynamics of representation

Dr. Hilal Ahmed

Mr. Tushar Gandhi

Mr. Nakul Singh Swahney

Taking up the pressing need of the hourin this panel, AMU lit fest intends to discuss and edifythe students at the event with imperative knowledge.

Session 2

Panel Topic: Making our voices heard- the possibilities in English literature  for marginalized social groups

Mr. Hansda Sowendre Shekhar

Mr. Omair Ahmad

Mr. Chandrahas Choudhary

Session 3

Panel Topic: Social media, digitalization and Indian languages

Dr. Najma Rehmani

Dr. Mazhar Ahmad

Dr. S. Siraj Ajmali

Mr. Suhail

Ms. Shivani Kohli

Session 4

One of the budding poets of this country who has also been published in national and international platform will be sharing her thoughts, struggles and insights into the real world of literature.

Conversation with a young poet Aditi Rao

Session 5

Samkaal mein yuva- Swapn aur Sahitya

Shri Ashok Vajpayi

Session 6

Dastan Goi

Muhammad Asjad Husain

Day 3

Culminating the entire fest, the third day of literary festival lays a perfect carpet to end the event. This day hold a truly diverse range of panels from topics tackling international politics, gender stereotypes in bollywood, poetry sessions of traditional languages, etc. This ultimate day of the AMU lit fest 3.0 will conclude the entire festival giving the guests and students a taste of all that lies in intellectual front of the students of Aligarh Muslim University

Session 1

The past few years have witnessed drastic unprecedented changes in national and international politics and the first session of the last day of the literary festival holds these discussions to its utmost importance

Topic: Modi, Brexit, Trump and Beyond- a new normal in democratic politics

Mr. Omair Ahmad

Prof. Manoj K Jha

Prof. Asmer Beg

Session 2

Poetry reading sessions:

Aditi Rao

Shivani Kholi


Session 3

The pen that devised the idea of nationalism in the country in a different epoch for a different population still holds its impact. This session is dedicated to the rumination of those voices of Tagore and Iqbal

Topic: Iqbal and Tagore in the age of hyper nationalism

Mr. Zafar Anjum

Dr. Irfanullah Farooqui

Session 4

With growing number of women centric films and movies with strong female characters and protagonists, the Indian cinema  seems to no longer be immured within the gender stereotypes that formed the gist of old Bollywood films. Swara Bhaskar, an actress who has had a first hand experience in dealing with these existent or non-existent drawbacks of the bollywood will be heading this session

Is contemporary bollywood challenging gender stereotypes?

Ms. Swara Bhaskar

Session 5

Valedictory lecture

Mr. Tushar Gandhi

Session 5


Speakers – Shakeel Azmi, Munawwar Rana, Gopal Das Niraj, Rahat Indori & others.

When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established this University at Aligarh, it was a revolutionary initiative in itself challenging the stereotypes and curbing shackles that existed in the society. Today, the face of those shackles has changed but they continue to exist in new countenance. AMU Lit Fest with its uninhibited discussions and dauntless panels continues to take forward the solemn revolutionary character of A.M.U. exhibiting their right and freedom without exploiting this opportunity the students of A.M.U. have fashioned this festival to manifest the voice of the youth of this country.

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